Friday, February 5, 2010


We didn't have a protocol for the prelude or the author's notes. So I will start by writing about these notes.

Tonight I read the author's notes and the prelude. One of the many ideas is it is difficult to eliminate bias. I particularly like the idea that multiple perspective helps to lead to ones own truth about the reality. It leads to God's view.

Another point Barzun makes is the idea that we live off of the past, and everything flows from it. He points out the heroes we hold up as the icons of change stand on the shoulders of others. Perhaps this is correct, but I find this offensive. It diminishes the quantum jumps forward by Einsteins. As Barzun says, perhaps these are the things we have to leave behind to understand the reality, or on the other hand perhaps this may be part of the bias.

David has said he will scan the entire book, and send it to us for quotations, despite his feeling it is a travesty to destroy a book.

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